Pedagogy Pioneer

Pedagogy Pioneers are educators who show excellence and innovation in learning, teaching and assessment.  Pioneers undertake professional learning in relation to an aspect of their practice and link this to current research and reading. This work is shared through a virtual sharing event so that it can inspire and engage others.

After our success of being recognised as a Pedagogy Pioneer, our presentation on creating an Under 3’s setting is now live on YouTube!! If you would like to watch the video and understand a bit more about the reasoning behind our approach to childcare, and why we care for the children in the way we do, please follow the link below.

We are delighted with the success of the presentation and have enjoyed welcoming professionals from other childcare settings who have complimented our practice and are interested in adapting our ideas to fit with their setting.  We would also welcome your feedback on your experience of having your child cared for within the Under 3’s setting and welcome any comments on the presentation.

Pedagogy Pioneers