'Thinkers & Doers'

We also believe in bringing curiosity, awe and wonder into early childhood and creating the 'Thinkers & Doers' of the future by encouraging children to play, learn and develop in beautiful surroundings at their own pace ensuring that they benefit socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively and can grow and learn with confidence. We pride ourselves on offering high quality, free flow child-centred approach childcare where children have the opportunity to follow their interests and develop at their own pace.

Outdoor area

All children have access to extensive outdoor areas offering the opportunity for regular outdoor learning and dining experiences across all areas of the curriculum supporting the children’s health and well-being.

Our Staff Team

smilechildcare take pride in our highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced work force. Our staff team understand that high quality play experiences have a direct and positive impact on children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and well-being.

Our staff are responsive and plan experiences which extend learning and understanding ensuring children have the best start in life, are successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Staff at all levels are committed to continuous learning and development and have positive attitudes to change. Staff undertake regular and relevant training which allows for a constantly changing and challenging environment and to support all children in reaching their full potential.

smilechildcare are continually reviewing and evaluating our services to identify meaningful improvements to ensure that our vision and values are rooted in our aspirations to continue to deliver high quality childcare and education.

As a parent you can be confident that whatever setting your child attends, they will have broad and balanced learning experiences within warm, caring, nurturing environments.