Newsletter – September 2021

I hope this Newsletter finds all our existing and new families in good health; and a big welcome back to all our term time families, we hope you have had a fabulous summer break.

I am delighted to share with you in this newsletter some of the developments and improvements that have taken place over this period.

Play and Learning Environments

Our outdoor areas continue to be the main class room, both the children and staff are embracing the variety of opportunities this provides, supporting their play and development. We are working with the children, risk assessing together how to use our wonderful outdoor spaces and will continue to observe the children and ask what they would like and enjoy most in the garden, allowing their requests to dictate the changes implemented.

We are continuing to develop the outdoor area to allow for an enriched environment where children can be the leaders of their own learning. 

Indoor building changes

Staff have been observing the children and the way that they are using both the indoors and out door spaces and this has led to some exciting changes in the over 3 setting, and the way the children can access their play choices.

Staff are excited to be supporting the children to use a free flow method where they can move throughout the building, accessing different indoors and outdoors play opportunities, allowing them full control of making choices and developing their individual learning at their own pace.

We have created a new cloak room on the ground floor which children will be supported to access to promote independence putting on shoes, boots and outdoor clothing, this is also supported by an area at the front door where we have created a wet room for all wet weather clothing.

Our playroom continues to be a welcoming open space offering home from home experiences, children continue to have access to all the areas they enjoy including home area, woodwork, arts and crafts, literacy and numeracy, as well as having the option to use the other areas as they wish.

Block area

We are very lucky to have a designated room where the children can explore and be creative with bricks. This is an area we have observed to be very busy and the children will now have the freedom to be creative, this also allows the children to leave and re visit as they please. If you would like any information on the importance of Block play please look at:

Dining Room/ Meal Times

We have created a beautiful dining area on our ground floor where children will be able to experience meal times both indoors and outdoors every day. The children will be supported to serve their own meals, encouraged to try new foods and guided on portion size. Meal times will be a sociable time where children can choose when and whom they wish to eat meals with. Children will be involved in snack preparation daily as well as cooking/baking activities.

Our cook is currently working on new menu’s with both children and staff to be sure it includes all our favourite meals, if you have any suggestions please let us know. Our menus will be displayed on our information board which is located at the nursery entrance.


We continue to look at the ways we are communicating with you, and now have the ability to send out text messages to direct you to any important emails we send. please remember to check your emails regularly for important updates.

The E Journals are being used well and we have seen an increase in parents accessing them, thank you; we hope they are providing you with all the information you require. The staff have also been using the section on E Journals to share stories with you on the many different activities, and interests of the children. I am pleased to see that parents are seeing these and responding. If you are unsure of how to use the Learning Journal’s please have a look at the “How to” videos on their website.

Social Media

We have a Facebook Business page and a Twitter page, where we share snapshots of what the children have been enjoying, experiencing, learning and exploring while in Nursery.

Covid 19 Update

We closely follow the guidelines set by The Scottish Government, which have now changed and allow for some of our practices and initiatives to be reintroduced to the children, however, we are confident that should we move back up the levels again we can match the requirements as necessary.

We have also resumed normal operating hours 8am – 6pm, if your child attends full year accessing an Early Learning and Childcare 1140 funded place, using free sessions, please check with admin to ensure correct drop off and pick up times.

With the reintroduction of resources and soft furnishings we have reviewed the cleaning procedures to ensure our high standards are maintained.  Our cleaning staff are fogging the whole Nursery twice a week for extra protection, as well as their normal cleaning duties.

We are asking all parents to continue to wear masks at drop off and pick up times ensuring protection for the staff and yourselves, this is in line with the guidance set by the Scottish Government.

Can we please ask that children don’t bring toy’s, fancy dress costumes etc to nursery to prevent any upset, if this is something you need to discuss with a staff member, please give us a call.

We are looking forward to all the fun, play and learning opportunities ahead of us this term, please share with us what you and your child have enjoyed or anything exciting happening at home to help strengthen our nursery home relationship, allowing us to continue to share this with the children.