About the Setting

Neutrally decorated beautiful play areas with low level windows are bright and airy, and are equipped with preloved authentic resources, loose parts and are dressed with large branches and plants allowing children to experience nature inside and out. A mix of responsive and intentional planned areas consider the specific needs of children aged 0 – 3, with a balance of child-initiated, adult initiated and adult-directed experiences supporting brain development, children’s interest, curiosity and independence. The layout of the setting allows for exploration, cosy areas and messy time and is rich with literacy, numeracy and mathematical experiences.

The separate dining area is “open” all day and children are able to eat breakfast, lunch and snack throughout periods of time, reducing the need to annul play when deeply engaged. Fruit, healthy snacks, and water to drink are readily available throughout the day allowing dietary and individual needs to be met ensuring children are “fully fuelled” and ready to be busy at play.

Our Approach

Outdoor area

A fully enclosed accessible outdoor area gives children the choice on whether to play indoors or outdoors in all weathers every day. Play areas within the garden are carefully set up such as a mud kitchen, a stone river, soil play, water play with many larger loose parts such as ladders, pallets, tyres, crates and wheels allowing children to be pilots in their own play. Children have access to outdoor taps and an outdoor Art Atelier giving the opportunity to enjoy creative activities surrounded by nature. A beautiful wooden shelter gives children the option to be outdoors but dry with an opportunity to eat and sleep outdoors should they wish.


Just before or after your child’s 3rd birthday they will automatically transition to our Over 3 setting which is based is Calder Grove. smilechildcare follow enhanced transition arrangements which focuses on getting to know your family and sharing key information to ensure that your child’s individual needs are known and planned for and that you and your child are confident in the move.

Children playing