Storytelling Week

Storytelling Week 22

This week we have celebrated National Storytelling Week by providing lots of cosy corners for the children (and adults!!) to enjoy the pleasure of books.  Within the Under 3 setting, we don’t just have a story corner we have books placed throughout the setting making them readily available to all the children.  Books are carefully selected to reflect current interests along with books which are well known favourites and just fun to share. Staff are always available to share a story with your child wherever they are in the nursery and are experts in not just reading the words but encouraging the children to participate and take the lead.  Reading books with children or having books available hugely improves listening skills, vocabulary, also allowing children to use their imagination and have an opportunity to relax, not to forget to also enjoy a cuddle and just have plain old-fashioned fun!!

Please enjoy our video of our amazing Under 3`s.

storytelling Video